What clients say about Green Bay photographer Corey Wilson:


"If you're considering hiring or partnering with Corey Wilson - please do so! You'll be extremely impressed - I always am. The quality of Corey's work is outstanding. Corey captures beautiful moments that speak to the heart of what he's photographing; whether it's in a business or personal setting. I have partnered and collaborated with Corey on numerous occasions and he's always my first call when I need a photographer. He's not just great at capturing moments and memories, he has an unbeatable personality. Corey is genuine, authentic and kind-hearted. And to top it all off -- he's so much fun to work with! Corey has a real passion for his work and his business, a passion that's easy to see when collaborating with him. I have partnered with Corey both professionally and personally, and look forward to the next projects to come!"
Rachel Sonnentag (O'Connor Connective) - De Pere, WI

Corey is a hard-working professional with extreme versatility and unlimited creativity. He is a pleasure to work with and adaptable to a variety of settings and media.
Kelly McBride Moore (Bellin Health) - Green Bay, WI

Corey is a true professional and made our whole team very comfortable in the process of having our photos taken - both individually and with the team. Our pictures came out beautifully - color, lighting, poses, etc. - and Corey was very helpful in ‘touching up’ any areas we were not happy with! All in all, working with Corey was a joy and we would highly recommend him for any corporate environment!
Jennifer Anderson (Pathmakers, Inc.) - Hobart, WI

"Working with Corey was a pleasure from beginning to end! Our initial meeting was spent exploring the project – he helped develop the vision and explored the best ways to achieve our goal. He coordinated multiple photo shoots on my behalf, eliminating the stress. Each subject shared how Corey put them and their families at ease and how much fun they had with the experience. The turnaround was rapid, and he delivered beautiful and engaging photos that were exactly what I needed. Corey is a good man with tremendous talent and I would highly recommend him for any project."  
Amanda Weldzius (Resource One Realty) - De Pere, WI

"Corey brought a great depth of experience and acumen to a recent photo shoot that NPS Corporation needed for some rebranded industrial wipe products.  Corey and I worked in tandem during the photo shoot and he came up with some great suggestions that we ended up using that even further enhanced the image and branding of our products."  
Andrew Hetzel (NPS Corporation) - Green Bay, WI

"I had a short deadline project that Corey was able to help me with tremendous results. Through a limited phone consultation and very rudimentary guidance, Corey went to work. The resulting commercial product photos were exactly what I was looking for and most importantly done ahead of the deadline we discussed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the photos or the manner in which job was completed.

It was a joy to work with him and the end product exceeded my expectations and for a price that I feel was a value. I would without hesitation hire Corey again to photograph products for my company."  
Tim Nelesen (Rep Rite Burk & Associates) -  Madison, WI

"I had Corey take photos of my furniture for very specific reasons.  I needed very high quality photos for entering high end juried art shows.  One lesson I have learned is that it takes great photos to enter great shows.  You are judged in a few seconds and the pictures make all the difference.  Needless to say, it has worked out perfect.  Corey did an absolutely wonderful job with my work.  I have had nothing but praise from judges and promoters.  I have been accepted into every show I have entered, which is a testament to Corey's outstanding work.  I recommend Corey not only as a great photographer, but also as a highly respectable and honest business man and person."  
Bob Kloes (Kloes Custom Furniture) - Seymour, WI 



"Corey Wilson pours his heart in to everything that he does. He treated us like friends instead of customers. He does anything he can to show you that you are important to him. From accommodating our work schedules so we could meet each other, to always getting back to my emails in a very timely fashion; Corey displayed incredible customer service. Our wedding day was fast paced and filled with a lot of people. This was no problem for Corey. He will get to know you, understand your style and accommodate accordingly.

Everyone hears of the horror stories where a couple waits many months before they get their photos back from the wedding. Corey had edited and sent us our photos in less than ONE WEEK after our wedding! We loved the photos; they were creative and truly captured our excitement and joy. He did a great job getting to know us and then capturing our personalities through the art of photography. This photographer is easy going, fun, flexible and truly kind. We highly recommend him!!!!"
Megan & Ryan Roth - Waukesha,WI

"We absolutely love the work that Corey did on our wedding photos. They look amazing! He was extremely organized and kept things moving so we were able to get a ton of great shots throughout the day. I can't speak highly enough of Corey as a photographer and as a person. He was a joy to work with and we were so happy with the results, that we booked him again for a family photo session."
Brad Krause (& Mandy) - Green Bay, WI

"Corey took the time to get to know us before the wedding and that extra effort showed on our wedding day. I felt very comfortable working with him. He got the shots that we wanted and he did a great job of capturing our personalities. PS - He also has great taste in music."
Mandy Krause (& Brad) - Green Bay, WI

"I knew long before I got engaged how talented Corey Wilson is at taking photographs. But more than just photographs, Corey is talented at capturing moments. So when the day finally came, and the images made their way to me, it's my dad who summed it up best: "Spectacular! The mark of a really great wedding photographer is not the set pieces but knowing where to be when the spontaneous happens. Corey's work proves his greatness."

I don't know that I need to say much more, but for the sake of all you brides out there, I will expand on Corey's greatness. Here are the things I most valued about working with him on my wedding:

#1 RANGE: Whether your style is photojournalistic, portrait, editorial, or somewhere in-between (like mine), Corey will make sure you get the images you want, and capture the story of your day.

#2 FLEXIBILITY: Corey was the perfect balance between offering his professional advice in terms of schedule, lighting, number of combinations, and being open to my suggestions. He was very patient and willing to go with the flow on the day-of, which was invaluable to me. Yet he was still structured and kept us on pace so we didn't lose the light and got the photos we wanted.

#3 DEDICATION: Corey scouted out all the locations I gave him from the church, outdoor shots, and reception site. He even meticulously checked off the list of photos I so lovingly provided him.

#4 PERSONALITY/PROFESSIONALISM: Corey's laid-back-yet-professional attitude makes him easy to be around, and inspires confidence that your photos will be awesome. And they will be. Despite having known Corey beforehand, a wedding day can morph any bride into a different person, and Corey handled everything perfectly. He knew when to give me space and when to help move things along. He knew exactly how to deal with family and the frenetic pace of the day.

If I had to do it all over (and hopefully I never do!), I wouldn't even consider hiring anyone else for my wedding and neither should you."  
Kelly & Dustin Wilhelme - Appleton, WI

"Before my husband and I picked out venue, before we decided on our guest list--and well before I picked out my wedding dress, I knew that Corey was our photographer of choice. Having worked with him in a professional capacity as a reporter and knowing him personally as a friend, it was a no-brainer. We knew that we could depend on Corey one-hundred percent to capture the spirit of our wedding and were delighted that he was open to traveling to our out-of-state location.

What Corey brings to table, aside from immense professional talent, is a warm personality, intense flexibility and an innate curiosity that made him the perfect fit for our multicultural celebration. His easygoing demeanor immediately put everyone in our families at ease with his presence, and, as a result, the photos from our wedding are candid, intimate and absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks to his tireless preparation and his dedication to ensuring we got what we wanted, our group photo session with our extended family and our pre-wedding formal shots were a seamless, stress-free process. I had the privilege of knowing Corey before our wedding, but I imagine that he leaves every wedding he shoots as more than just the guy taking the photos because of his ability to connect with people and his genuine interest in representing the couple."  
Malavika Jagannathan & Adam Reinhard - Bellevue, WA

"Corey Wilson is excactly the photographer my husband and I were looking for. As a photojournalist, he captured beautiful moments throughout our wedding day as they were happening, and captured a lot of moments I wasn't expecting. I have beautiful shots of us laughing, dancing, and hugging family and friends. Corey captured all of the group portraits, as well as amazing detail shots of decorations and the venue we didn't specifically ask for - and are so grateful to have! Aside from taking the portraits, and getting-ready photos, I never even noticed him taking photos throughout the event. I am so grateful for my incredible wedding photos!"  
Kristine Nadolski & Chris Bruno - Madison, WI

Our TOP-5 reasons to work with Corey Wilson are:

#5 PROFESSIONALISM - Corey is always timely, attentive, and reliable. He follows through on his word and is absolutely someone you can trust for your most important occasions. 

#4  DETAIL - Corey takes into consideration the personalities of each couple, and considers the setting carefully to find the best possible angles, close-ups, etc. I ended up with pictures that I wish I would have thought of myself! For our wedding, Corey knew I was wearing my grandma’s dress (that my mom had also worn). He worked with us just before the ceremony to capture a “first look shot” that I had printed and displayed alongside my grandparent’s and parent’s photos- in time for the reception!!! He also caught details of the dress and the moment I shared with my grandma the big surprise - also capturing my mom’s tearful reaction. What a priceless photo. Corey also thought to include signs with “amor” (love) written on them to help us enhance the multi-cultural aspect of our wedding.

#3  EXPERIENCE - Corey knows what he is doing. It was such a comfort for me (and my nerves) to be able to ask advice and trust that Corey had ideas for how to handle everything. He has done so many different kinds of shoots, I knew he could adjust to any situation. 

#2  QUALITY - We treasure our photos. There is a perfect blend between formal poses and candid shots.  I am still amazed that he was able to capture such HUGE smiles on my not-so-into-taking-photos husband! I am so thankful for that. 

#1  COMMUNICATION – From the moment we hired Corey he was ready to meet and discuss exactly what we were looking for. I was able to tweak some things in the days before the ceremony and Corey was flexible and pulled everything off smoothly. He was so attentive the morning of the wedding as well - really listening to how I was feeling and what needed to happen when. 

*Bonus reason: KINDNESS. It is such a great thing to do business with someone as genuinely NICE as Corey, especially amidst the stress of planning a wedding! THANK YOU COREY!!! MIL GRACIAS!!!!  
Ellen & Julio Herrera – Green Bay, WI

"Corey photographed our wedding in the summer of 2014, and he truly captured the essence of the day! He is a professional yet personable photographer, who made us all feel at ease. His creative approach, attention to detail, and awareness to couples' personalities solidified our confidence in hiring him for our big day. We were impressed that we had access to our photos a couple of days after the ceremony, and everything was easily navigated.

As we look at our wedding photos we are brought back to that day. We feel the excitement leading up to the ceremony, the nerves during the vows, and pure bliss during our first dance. We are extremely happy with Corey's work, and we would look to him first for photographing any other life events."  
Ed & Fran Patek - Kewaunee, WI

"We were fortunate enough to meet Corey as we were looking for photographers for our wedding. Right from the start, he made us feel at ease with his professionalism. We had both decided within a matter of minutes that he was who we wanted to document our special day.

He told us up front that he worked quickly and efficiently, that we would hardly notice he was there, and that he would accommodate any requests we asked of him. He delivered on everything that he promised and we had our finished photos within several days of the wedding. If we ever need another photographer to help us capture life's special events, there is no question in our minds about who to call!"  
Steve & Laura Kaster -  De Pere, WI

"For us, there were two things that set Corey apart, and those two things are why he is worth every penny we could have spent to have him as our photographer.

First, aside from immediate family and your wedding party, it’s very likely you will spend more time on your wedding day with your photographer than anyone else. The photographer is a constant presence, and for better or worse the photographer’s personality is going to affect your wedding experience.

Corey was the complete professional. He knew when to approach us, and he knew when to step back and give us space. He was always ready to capture the important moments, but he also had almost a sixth sense about when to put the camera down. He was constantly working hard to make sure we got the photos we wanted, but for us it seemed as though it was all happening effortlessly. It wasn’t just about the photos, it was about us experiencing one of the most important days of our life, and having Corey around enhanced that experience.

The second thing you need from a wedding photographer is someone who can tell a story in one shot. It’s relatively easy to put together an entire album that documents the day in 100 or 200 photos, it is far harder to tell the same story in one or two photos. In the end, those one or two photos are going to be what matters. They are the photos that you will hang on your wall and see every day. The ability to tell the story of your wedding day in those photos is the difference between a photo technician and an artist. Corey is an artist.

We have photos from our wedding day that we can look at for hours and not tire of. We have one photo that tells a story so beautifully and powerfully that we have had multiple people tell us, independently of one another, that it is the best photo they have ever seen… of any kind… ever. That isn’t luck, that’s the result of Corey’s ability to be in the right place at the right time and to apply the right technique to make the right image. More than that, it’s the result of Corey taking the time to understand us well enough as a couple so he know what’s important to us so that he can put himself in the right position. It’s art in the best sense of the word, and as a result we have images that we can put on our wall to tell the story of our day simply and powerfully. Whatever we could have paid Corey, it would have been worth it for those photos alone.

We can’t recommend Corey enough. He is the type of person who you will want to be around, and who will deliver images that you will enjoy for a lifetime."  
Dan & Kelly Moore - De Pere, WI

"Rachel and I have been blessed to have Corey be a part of our lives for the past several years.  Corey not only captured our professional experiences but our personal experiences as well.  At our wedding, Corey showed his true passion and creativity as a photographer.  He brought out the creative side in us with his unique poses and positive energy. 

Corey had the artistic eye for capturing the “moments we’ll always remember.”  This was clearly evident with the black & white shots and various angles he was able to document throughout our wedding. Corey was very professional, enthusiastic, creative and energetic.  He set our minds at ease and consistently blows us away with his ability to seize moments that others may not have found.  Simply put, Corey Wilson is not only an amazing person but an amazing photographer.  Thank you for allowing us to look at our lives from so many unique poses.  I would recommend Corey to anyone for their photography needs in sports, professional, family or wedding needs.  Thank you again Corey for being a part of our lives!"  
Dave & Rachel Steffens - Green Bay, WI

"I h
ad known Corey for several years and had worked with him on a professional basis with his photography so I didn't hesitate for a second to ask him to capture our special day.  I KNEW he would exceed our expectations and he did!  He caught ALL the special moments and then some.  Corey was flexible with his time, our requests and so very easy to work with.  Our guests felt comfortable working with him, too.  What matters most is that Corey provided us with exceptional photos of our wedding day at a very reasonable cost AND he made it a lot of FUN.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second recommending Corey or using his services again.  Wonderful experience, exceptional photography!" 
Jay & Silvija Jensen - Manitowoc, WI